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Dream Yacht Group

Making Yacht Sailing a Breeze

Part of the broader Dream Yacht Group, Dream Yacht Charter is the world’s leading ocean tourism company with a fleet of 1,250+ yachts scattered across 60+ destinations around the globe. The company was experiencing a growth spurt pre-COVID that outpaced its ability to consider user experience.

My Role: UI Design • Email Design/Development

Year: 2019

Making Yacht Sailing a Breeze

Scope of Work #

  • Design new site
  • Unify look and feel to sister sites
  • Improve user flow
  • Improve wayfinding/navigation
  • Improve booking experience
  • Validate designs with rapid prototyping
  • Application of good UX practices
  • Finalised visual UI design with Sketch

The Team #

  • US General Manager
  • Lead Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Global Marketing Manager
  • External SEO Agency

The Problem #

The DYC site is starting to its age, but it ranks well on search engines. The company needed to overhaul its flagship product to accommodate an improved user journey. With a growing interest from non-sailors, the company wants to attract more people to experience the joy of sailing.

So how might we make it simpler for inexperienced users to charter a yacht while not alienating seasoned sailors?

In addition, DYC was looking to:

  • Increase online bookings (particularly across crewed and by-the-cabin charters)
  • Reduce bounce rate for destination pages
  • Reduce the number of questions DYC agents get from prospective customers

The Solution #

By applying an iterative and phased approach. I was able to manage business priorities and expectations. Towards the end of 2019, I finalised a suite of deliverables. We had modernised the companies homepage. Gave experienced sailors the search power they needed. We enabled newcomers to explore and discover. We facilitated the booking process by implementing steps in the booking journey.

Sadly the first wave of COVID hit, crippling final development, which is why there is no live site :(