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Dream Yacht Group

Enabling Yacht Enthusiasts

Part of the broader Dream Yacht Group, Dream Yacht Sales (DYS) provides professional consultancy, tailored solutions and expert advice to connect yacht owners and prospective buyers, making yacht ownership simple and easy.

My Role: UI Design

Year: 2019

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Enabling Yacht Enthusiasts

Scope of Work #

  • Design new site
  • Unify look and feel to sister sites
  • Improve user flow
  • Improve wayfinding/navigation
  • Improve lead capture mechanisms
  • Validate designs with rapid prototyping
  • Application of good UX practices
  • Finalised visual UI design with Figma

The Team #

  • Sales Director
  • Lead Developer
  • Project Manager
  • External SEO Agency

The Problem #

DYS’ original site had gone through a failed redesign launch. Competing needs within the company set an unclear direction for the new site to take shape. The company had invested significant effort to create a custom yacht configuration tool. The tool could only be utilised on a very local level (i.e. where yachts are delivered). Connecting prospective buyers with their desired yacht models was paramount.

In addition:

  • DYS offers competitive buying programs that make yacht ownership easy. Straightforwardly presenting these programs was a challenge. How do you segment program models and divvy up programs that fit into the DYS business model?

  • DYS was looking to better qualify their leads, as the original site contact form didn’t allow for this. How might dynamic forms work across the site?

The Solution #

After lengthy internal discussions, major revisions, change in leadership and a pivot from the initial configuration tool. We converged on a workable plan; qualify leads at the site level. I designed and prototyped a rational navigation system for yacht models to allow users to quickly see what is available. We implemented several dynamic forms that enabled the business to capture better-qualified leads. Reducing the amount of time sales agents needed to get to the point with interested buyers.

Concept for interactive menu on mobile
Concept for interactive menu on mobile. Play with the prototype.
Concept for interactive benefits
Concept for interactive benefits. Play with the prototype.
Concept for program types on desktop
Concept for program types. Play with the prototype.
Concept for stepped form
Concept for stepped form.

I'm open to small weekend projects.

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