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Hi, I'm Olivier (o·li·vyé)

I am a freelance designer and developer based out of Australia.

How it started #

I graduated in 2009 with a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Istituto Marangoni in London. After many years of suffering imposter syndrome, I concluded I had nothing more to lose. I started my search for a design job. In 2013 I landed my first corporate career. I began working at Ticketmaster UK, running alongside the marketing team. I had finally discovered my web design legs. A short time after, I found myself mentoring colleagues and putting systems in place. They were wonderful moments, I made great friendships, but inside I wasn’t happy. In 2015, having debated at length with myself, I jumped ship and founded my consultancy. It turned out to be the best decision. For it allowed me to focus on the things that interested me. And it gave me an environment where I could learn and grow.

How it’s going #

Fast-forward many moons, and two kids later, I relocated across the world to Australia in 2021. I now operate a sole trader lending my expertise in design and development.


I am currently closed to new projects.

But do get in touch →